About Us

Think back to the last time your organization got rattled by an IT or data issue… doesn’t seem that long ago, does it?

Chances are the problem was either so severe that you lost valuable time and money or it took so long to properly fix that the frustration is still fresh in your mind. Mizon is here to make sure that never happens again,
at least, not on our watch.

Mizon is a business continuity and IT firm that has made it our sole purpose to help keep our customers’ corporate computing systems ‘Always On’ and ready for action. And, we do it at a consistently higher level of quality and considerably lower cost than most in-house teams or third-party vendors. Our expertise comes with accessibility, meaning when you need us… we’re there (what a concept!).  It also comes with a proactive approach designed to prevent problems, not just solve things once they go wrong. In fact, it’s when you’re able to conduct business without thinking of us that you know, and we know, that we’ve done our job right. That kind of peace of mind is precisely what Mizon is all about – the confidence of knowing that your resources are available whenever you need them.

Mizon has been providing network assistance for small to medium-sized businesses throughout the Southeast since 2000.  Whether you need insight on a single project, a reliable support team, the ability to maintain business operations 24/7/365, or the comprehensive knowledge and expertise of an on-demand CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Mizon has people who can help.We work closely with our customers to plan and implement sound technology strategies that offer stability in the face of nearly any challenge, while also delivering a proven approach that reduces overall IT costs. You can count on Mizon when it comes to:

    • helping you move to the cloud with intelligent, cost-effective, environmentally friendly continuity solutions
    • monitoring and maintaining your network and systems to prevent problems before they occur, without keeping an expensive engineer on staff
    • quickly responding with real solutions to IT problems, allowing you to outsource your entire IT department
    • acting as a single-source provider of design and support services for networks, communications systems, intra- and internet services and printer repair
    • and much more

Turn your business on to a better IT experience – Be Always On with Mizon!