Our Promise

Our Vision

“To be the most trusted Information Technology consultancy in the Southeast.”

At Mizon, we know that earning your trust can only be done by providing cost-effective solutions that keep your technology assets Always On.  That’s why we’re proud to say we have the best trained technicians in the area, all committed to providing unbiased advice with your best interests in mind.  As a truly independent advisor, we see Honesty and Integrity as two core values that your business deserves… and that Mizon guarantees you’ll always receive.

Our Mission

“To continuously innovate and perfect more cost-effective IT Continuity Solutions.”

We know that every minute you spend scrambling to alleviate IT issues is time (and often money) that could have been spent on managing and growing your business.  That’s why we only use the most up-to-date technologies to keep an eye on your infrastructure for you.  With the ability to monitor your network remotely, and take action with the push of a button, Mizon addresses minor issues before they become major setbacks.