Cloud Services

Get Out of the Fog. Get Onto the Cloud.

When you think about back up and data recovery what comes to mind? External hard drives? Files on disc?  Sure, those could work. But what about accessibility? You could store important files online – but it’s not much help if your entire network goes down because of a virus, power outage, or natural disaster. Starting to see the need for a flexible, robust, system-wide continuity solution – then you’re already well on your way to understanding cloud computing.

Mizon is one of the best in the business at demystifying the cloud concept and helping you connect with its very real and tangible benefits for your business. Here, we’ll get you started… instead of using the word “cloud” try using the word “Internet-based” and see what happens. All of a sudden things start making a lot more sense. Cloud computing becomes Internet-based computing, Cloud accessibility becomes Internet-based accessibility and so on. And it really can be that simple to set up when you’re working with experienced technicians like those at Mizon. We specialize in:

  • Cloud Creation (setting up a single point of access for all relevant users of your company infrastructure – including clients and e-commerce)
  • Cloud Services Recommendations (determining which “Cloud/Internet-based” services are the best ones to tie in to your business framework)
  • Cloud Storage (creating secure Internet-based storage, back-up, and redundancy for all your corporate data)
  • Cloud Client Configuration (setting up your desktops, laptops, and mobile devices for optimum “Cloud/Internet-based functionality)
We also offer Cloud-related consulting services on a Project Basis, for Validation of Initiatives and Software Purchases , and Business Continuity Blueprint Consultation 

As a perk, you get the many benefits that come with getting on the cloud, such as:

  • access to the latest software, services, and applications – without the expenditure of custom development
  • world-wide access to network service components
  • up-to-the-minute, and often automatic updating of software or applications
  • cross-platform functionality
  • ability to choose best-in-breed solutions from the likes of Google, Microsoft, Citrix, Sun, and other major technology players – at a fraction of the traditional retail cost
  • optimum flexibility and scalability
  • and so much more

And, best of all, there’s the “always on” assurance that’s inherently built in to any Internet-based system, because the entire web is supported by thousands of Internet servers strategically located all over the U.S. and the rest of the world to secure data, keep applications running, and keep your business functioning at it’s absolute best.