Support Levels

Always On doesn’t mean everyone always gets the same answer. Mizon gets that better than anyone else. That’s why we offer several support levels designed to address your needs in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner possible. Regardless of level, however, you can rest assured that only industry-certified, field-tested, and professionally trained technicians will be handling your request.

Remote Support

Either through an e-mailed support ticket, online chat, or phone call, one or more of our technicians will respond to issues immediately as they arise. Even when you’re not experiencing an obvious failure, our remote team monitors and maintains systems to prevent problems, before they occur… or correct them before your business notices any down time.

On-Site Support

Sometimes, there are issues that can’t be fixed remotely. Someone kicked out a wire. A power outage shorted out an essential server. A printer is experiencing far more than just a paper jam. In instances like these (and countless others), Mizon dispatches the most qualified team with the fastest-possible response time to come address the problem in person.

After-Hours Support

Even if you have an in-house team that you adore, the odds are you don’t pay them to be at your office in 24/7/365 shifts. That’s why it’s good that Mizon is “Always On” for you. Because we work remotely, we can cover your team after or before business hours – including holidays.

Emergency Support

This is it – the issue you always worried about – a complete IT disaster has come to pass. A flood on the floor above yours wipes out your server room. A virus works its way into your network and threatens to take everything down. Files are just plain “lost in cyberspace.” If you were already working with Mizon as a Continuity Client, we’ve got a full back-up ready and waiting to restore you to pre-disaster status. And if you weren’t already a Mizon client, call us anyway – chances are there’s quite a bit we can do to recover all or some of your most important data and then help you reset business functions going forward.