What We Do

In some ways, it’d be easier to ask what we don’t do – because there’s very little we wouldn’t do when it comes to keeping our clients “Always On.”

Desktop Management

Help Desk Service:

Mizon’s end-user support is available 24/7/365. Clients can request support via telephone, e-mail, and web-based End-User Portal that allows Clients to create, monitor, and edit Service Requests. Mizon provides a dedicated multi-layer Help Desk Management team that delivers world-class strategic and tactical operational and support methodologies. This includes:

  • Performing hardware diagnostic procedures on PC’s and printers and escalation to hardware vendor as required
  • Performing software diagnostics on end user computers and escalation to third party providers as appropriate per the customers’ agreements
  • Coordinating with vendors for on-site support of supported hardware and software as required
  • Providing monthly management and usage reports
  • Automated e-mail notification of issue resolution to requesters via Mizon’s incident management system
  • Maintaining call routing metrics to ensure appropriate escalation for requests
  • Tracking of each request through to resolution
  • Providing an automated e-mail based Associate Satisfaction Survey capability for customers over 500 seats. Clients are given an opportunity to decide the format and content of the survey. Survey results are reported to client in accordance with a mutually agreed-upon schedule.
  • The Mizon incident management system provides the ability to track relationships between incidents. Incidents can be independently linked in one to one or one to many relationships. The system also allows for tracking of incidents via a parent child relationship where the parent incident can be configured to close once all the child incidents (subtasks) have been closed.

Whenever possible, our Analysts will use remote management tools to access a client’s system. These tools are designed to allow Mizon’s Analysts to diagnose a problem or visually walk users through specific tasks that cannot be accomplished easily over the phone. Benefits include:

  • Analysts can remotely access tools on users’ systems or fix problems
  • Increased productivity as Analysts work on the end-users’ systems directly
  • Reduces the time users are on the phone with support
  • Works through Proxy Servers and Firewalls

Service Request Management:

Mizon’s dedicated 24/7/365 Help Desk service utilizes a sophisticated telephone system providing Automated Call Distribution (ACD), Call Detail Recording, and optional call recording. The call recording capabilities of the system provides for the ability to establish mutually agreeable recording schedule for quality control. All support requests are recorded in an automated incident management system owned and maintained by Mizon. The system is configured to segment individual companies’  information from all other information in the system and can be customized to handle those data elements that are significant to the operations of your company.

Remote Desktop Management:

Mizon provides remote customer service analysis and support of Client PCs, including diagnosis, configuration, preventative maintenance, and setup. If Mizon and Client have developed customer escalation procedures relating to an issue, Mizon will escalate the Contact according to those procedures.

The Mizon management solution provides Help Desk agents with the ability to remotely control an end users desktop or laptop for the purpose of observing or correcting a problem. The management solution will by default use VNC for the purpose of accomplishing the remote control. In situations where installation of VNC is not feasible the solution also supports the use of Windows Terminal Services.

The Mizon management solution also offers the ability to make an FTP connection to users’ computers. The FTP connection provides Mizon agents with direct access to the host computer’s file system. Once connected, the agent can upload files to the host, download files from the host, rename or delete files on the host and so on.

Desktop Security Solution

Mizon provides a managed Anti-Virus solution for managed machines, using fully integrated anti-malware technology from AVG. The term malware encompasses viruses, spyware, adware and other types of unwanted programs. The solution automatically cleans or removes infected files and other threats such as Trojans, worms and spyware. Alarms can be triggered by security protection events and can include sending email notifications and running scripts.

Centrally managed security profiles are defined and deployed to machines using the console interface. Changes to a security profile automatically update all machines using that profile. All security protection events are logged within the system and available for executive summary and detailed management reporting. Once deployed, updates are handled automatically on a scheduled basis without the need for user interaction.

Desktop Asset Management

Asset Discovery:

The Mizon asset discovery service LAN Watch feature uses an existing agent on a managed machine to periodically scan the local area network for any and all new devices connected to that LAN since the last time LAN Watch ran. These new devices can be workstations and servers without agents or SNMP devices. Optionally, the system can send an alert when a LAN Watch discovers any new device.

Asset Inventory:

Agents installed on machines will be scheduled to automatically audit the hardware and software configurations of their managed machines on a recurring basis. Collected audit information includes:

  • All hardware, including CPU’s, RAM, PCI cards, and disk drives
  • All installed software, including licenses, version numbers, full path, and description
  • System Information from DMI and SMBIOS including PC make, model, serial number, mother board type, and over 40 other pieces of information describing the PC and its configuration
  • OS info with version number and service pack build
  • Current network settings including local IP address, gateway IP address, DNS, WINS, DHCP, and MAC address

Asset Inventory Administration:

The Mizon Solution includes a user address book and an asset management database. The user address book contains names, addresses, location, telephone numbers, and any other relevant information for users. The address book is manually maintained in accordance with information provided by the Client and contains the fields deemed to be appropriate by the Client.

The asset management database contains a listing of all of the assets that Mizon manages for the Client. Configuration information for assets that are automatically inventoried are imported into the asset management database. The asset management database is also used to maintain manually provided information such as warranty expiration dates. Each asset in the asset management database is linked to a user in the address book. The link to the address book provides information about the user responsible for the asset and the asset’s location.

When a service request that is specific to an asset is recorded in the incident management system a link is created to the appropriate asset. This link allows for reporting on historical service request activity for each asset along with other configuration management information.

Online Asset Reporting:

For daily management and administration purposes the Mizon agents and a few designated key Client personnel are granted access to the above-mentioned management tools. This access provides the capability to update configuration data and maintain open service requests.

Desktop Software Compliance:

The inventory information gathered by Mizon agents provides complete information on the software installed on each system. This information includes software publisher, version, license codes, and product keys where applicable. This information enables Clients to monitor the number of installed applications by license type and reconcile purchased licenses against used licenses.