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Recently, Mark Wertz, General Manager of Mizon, was asked to sit in on a discussion with on the importance of online backup and choosing the right provider. Customers of Mizon, a growing IT services and business continuity provider, know that finding a reliable and affordable way of backing up and protecting data is a must.

The podcast below is of the conversation between Mark Wetz of Mizon and Art Ledbetter of Zetta, an online data backup and disaster recovery provider.

Mizon is constantly searching for the best available solutions, be it new technologies or new services, to both maintain their customers’ data and IT stability as well as help to maximize their clients’ bottom line. Mizon uses Zetta’s services for just those reasons. Zetta offers affordable, reliable and fast server backup including online storage as well as local/remote backup and disaster recovery. By using Zetta, Mizon has been able to save their clients up to 60% on their backup costs.

Click Here for more about Zetta’s Podcast with Mark Wertz of Mizon.

Online backup is only the first step in data protection. According to Zetta, Disaster Recovery is the most crucial component of data protection process since backups are worthless if they can’t be recovered.

Offsite data storage is another critical part of the process and what sets Zetta apart from other data protection firms is their innovation and willingness to go the extra mile. For example, Zetta offers exceptional protection with the option to have your data replicated in both its West Coast and East Coast data centers.

Partnering with innovative service providers like Zetta is just one way Mizon helps its clients stay Always On.

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