Cost-Effective Approach

Reduced Costs. Enhanced IT Performance and Support.

Before the concept of Managed Services emerged, the only way to get dedicated, reliable IT support was to hire someone (or an entire staff of someones) to keep in house. Eventually, third-party vendors realized they could rack up several small clients and offer one-size-fits-all service and support to all of them. But it didn’t take long for businesses to start seeing problems with both of these methods.

In house teams are costly to maintain and aren’t motivated to stay on the leading-edge of technology and maintenance information.

Outside support isn’t as responsive as companies typically need, and often fails to provide long-term solutions that really work company wide. 

Mizon’s Managed Services changes all that. We deliver service and support, either remotely through our certified and experienced technicians or, when necessary, on site by a Mizon technician or a trusted Mizon partner’s local support office. This allows us to provide our customers with not only the best service at the lowest possible cost, but also responsive, “always on” action that’s available 24/7/365

All remote Managed Services are offered at a fixed price. On-site service (which is billed separately) is only dispatched when an issue cannot be solved remotely and requires an on-site service call to correct the problem. Our remote support and management approach has proven effective to significantly reduce our customer’s IT support costs as the majority of issues can be appropriated resolved remotely, without requiring expensive on-site visits.